Learn How To Be a Successful Production & Trailer Music Composer

Written and produced your own music and need guidance on how it can be improved compositionally and production/mix wise to make it more licensable and placement ready?

Wanting to improve your production music skills and see inside the finished and mixed Pro Tools session of one of my successfully licensed tracks?

Looking for personal strategies and advice in getting your music to the right publishers and music libraries that are specific to you?

Whether you are looking to improve your production music composing, producing or music skills, or start making money from your already awesome music through the right outlets and business strategies, my online coaching teaches you how to create a sustainable career doing what you love!


These are the skills I used to go from a part-time music producer to a full-time, successful production music composer with placements on Hollywood movie advertising campaigns, major network TV shows and big brand commercials.

With a free 15 minute introductory video call, I make sure that every session is planned to meet your needs and tailored to your goals. 


Personal online video coaching that is tailored to your goals and aspirations, at a time that suits you.

Screen share of one of my Pro Tools sessions, where I break down a successful production music track, from the composition to the mix.

Song Rescue! Detailed and specific feedback on how your music can be improved and ultimately make you more income!

Tips on submitting your music to the right publishers and music libraries. Strategies for creating a sustainable career in production music


$75 for one hour session

$325 for 5 one hour sessions

If you're not completely happy with the Online Coaching service, I will give you 100% of your money back within 30 days!


“He helped me identify what were my strengths, my weaknesses..and he helped me work on all those skills..so that I could start working with trailer music publishers. I'm now working with a trailer music publisher. His coaching really helped me to build not just my skills, but my confidence as a composer"


“It has been a pleasure to take a class with Elliot. First of all, his kindness and his approach put me in a very confident way. He knows how to go through every detail and to give you the key to instantly grow your music production. A very good and worthy experience. I found a friend!"


More important than gear and shiny new toys, the best investment you can make for your career is in yourself and in bettering your understanding and skills.


This is something I've learned the hard way, but in hindsight I've realised that along with practice and consistency, the key ingredient to put yourself ahead of the competition is knowledge. My Online Coaching is that first ingredient!

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